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OUR MULTI-PURPOSE, SELF RISING FLOUR MIX:  Now Available. If you could make cookies and pancakes before, now you can make them again!! It measures cup for cup like wheat flour in most of your old recipes and you don't need to add ANYTHING.  We are offering this miracle mix for only $10 for a 2-pound bag as an introductory price so you can try it and see how wonderful Sunday morning pancake breakfast can be again. If you would like to place an order or have questions about our products please call us at 1-888-YO-YUMMY. (888-969-8669-for the blackberry challanged) We also offer a cake flour mix and a bread mix.

 A little about GF "Yummies"

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!!

What is Gluten? It's a protein found in grains like  Wheat, Rye and Barley. Any product made with these (like your standard white flour) has gluten. Any products made from the byproducts of these have Gluten. It is  hidden in many things we eat. (Sources of hidden Gluten)

There seems to be a HUGE gaping hole out there in the market . Hundreds of people every day are learning they can (or should) no longer consume Gluten. Either from an Allergy, Intolerance or even a Disease in which Gluten litterally destroys the lining of their intestines.  (list of disorders possibly linked to Gluten).

These people have few choices. They can live a life without cookies or brownies or other such gluten-ladden foods, they can purchace day old baked goods off the internet, they can buy flat, crumbly prepackaged GF Foods at the store 'IF' they can find them, or they can even learn to bake/cook GlutenFree. Which as many of them will tell you, it's not as simple as just switching the type of flour they use.

When I first made the switch to a Gluten Free home, everything came out reminding me of cornbread crossed with a hockey puck. So, armed with my Love of Baking and my Love of Science I began my quest to produce Gluten Free Yummies that where actually Yummy and I wouldn't have to explain to guests... "sorry, those are gluten free, so that's why they taste a little funny"

After countless hours/months of researching and baking, my dream was becoming a reality. I began taking my baked goods out to neighbors and boyscout meetings and family get togethers again (without having to warn anyone about what they were about to eat). I knew I had acheived my goal when all people said was, "these are so Awesome".  I could raise my head high and be proud of people swooning over my treats once again!!

This is the story of the birth of GF "Yummies". I'm still working on the financing for the opening of the first GF "Yummies" Dine-In Bakery/Cafe here around the Safety Harbor/North Clearwater area. Hopefully a central location to St Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs and the Beaches. Accessible to all those living nearby Pinellas and Hillsborough learning to live without gluten here in the Tampa Bay area. If anyone knows a good location that is available we are open to suggestions. But until then, feel free to browse around the on-line version.

Good Eats to All!!

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This is inspired by my two AWESOME kids... Cameron and Tori!!