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 If you would like to help in getting GFY launched in the Tampa Bay area, Investment Opportunities are available. We are looking for just a little more capital to get the doors open and getting down to serving those gluten intolerant who have been waiting far too long for a one stop shop where they can eat without worries. A place to stop for lunch, coffee and muffin, gluten free groceries or all of that in just one place. Please contact us to see if we are what you are looking for.

Gluten free foods are in demand more than ever and every day more people are finding out they can no longer eat foods with gluten and they have no where to go. The following are just a few articles discussing the need for gluten free foods and how the demand is increasing at a rapid pace.

Business News

Market for allergy foods quickly growing

Gluten-free food goes mainstream
Montmartre Bakery sells gluten-free rice-based bread, rolls and pizza crust.
Choices for celiacs and those with sensitivity are slowly improving Apr 16, 2008 04:30 AM

Barbara Turnbull - LIVING reporter


Shopping marathon for food she can eat
Apr 16, 2008 04:30 AM

Janet Dalziel's odyssey to find gluten-free food includes stops at the following stores:  For the full story... 


Gluten-free market set to boom, says report

By Lorraine Heller


New Belgian-brewed import should satisfy celiac thirsts


 Restaurateurs respond to growing awareness of celiac disease

Nation's Restaurant News,  April 3, 2006  by Kyle Shadix


Celiac Disease Linked to Dementia

Gluten-Free Diet May Reverse Mental Decline in Patients

Article: Increase in demand in Gluten Free Market 2001-2006